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Founder of the Guitar Cities schools and a graduate of Hope College in Psychology and Music, James Lenger has been teaching guitar and bass professionally for 26 years and has given over 75,000 lessons during that time. After touring with his band for a number of years and teaching privately, he founded the Guitar Cities music program in 2006, now located in Chicago, New York, Birmingham, UK, and London.

James instructs rock, blues, acoustic, pop, and jazz guitar privately in Chicago, as well as the electric bass, and will also instruct occasionally in London and New York. He is featured on the popular Instagram site, Fifteen Second Lessons, where he instructs easy guitar lessons to around 14,500 followers, and is currently collaborating with Warner Brothers, HBO, and a number of other artists. James is also active in the Chicago improv scene, and works with a number of performers on their musical repertoire. He instructs all ages and abilities, and features a specially designed program that focuses on the needs of beginners and advanced, and caters to what they want to learn. Even if you've never picked up an instrument before, he can make you feel comfortable from the very beginning. James can teach you the song you've wanted to learn, dive into the theory you want to go through, or put a program together for you that will make you a well-rounded musician!

James incorporates his knowledge of muscle mechanics/memory as a member of Team USA in his instruction of music, so you can learn quickly and efficiently. James teaches in the morning, so you can "hit the ground strumming" with a lesson before work, and also the rest of the day, if you want to come in during lunch or after work. He provides the instruments for your lessons, so just walk over!

Stressed at work?
James can also instruct a guitar relaxation program that can be a welcome repreive from the daily grind of work. He will take into account your busy lifestyle, and set up something that will suit your needs, but also become a great stress outlet in your life.

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